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Vitrium Library DRM

Starting in the Spring Semester 2023 the library’s Special Collections will be accessible digitally via a new platform called Vitrium. Vitrium specializes in digital rights management, and will allow the AMDA Library to share our Special Collections materials with the AMDA Community in a manner consistent with best practices in higher education and library sciences. 

Who can get a Vitrium account?

A Vitrium account will be created for each user once a need has been established by submitting a request for a specific item in the collection. Additionally, an account will be created for faculty or staff members who have been identified through Education or Production if they do not already have an account.
Current AMDA faculty, staff, and students can submit a request through the Library Course on Canvas. Alumni can submit a request on the alumni tab on the library’s website. A Vitrium account will not be created as a result of requests for items in the physical, published collection. If the requested material is available in the library’s physical collection, patrons will be instructed to visit the library to access the item

How to Log-in

Vitrium uses either your AMDA Google Account (Students, Faculty and Alumni) or your AMDA Office 365 Account (Staff) to log-in.

  1. Visit
  2. At the Log-in page click either “Student, Faculty, Alumni” or “Staff” to log-in with your AMDA Account
  3. After a Successful login you will then be directed to the Vitrium Content Portal.