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Secure Broadway Wi-Fi Setup on Chrome OS

  1. Find the wireless icon in the lower right corner of your task tray, choose Broadway Setup or AMDA Guest if you are on campus from the menu, and wait for your device to connect to the network.  If you are not on campus, please connect to any trusted wireless network.
  2. Launch your Google Chrome and go to, click on Setup Secure Broadway Wi-Fi.
  3. At the Connect to AMDA Secure Broadway Wi-Fi page selected either Students and Faculty or Staff option.
  4. Click Install.
  5. The chrome web store will open to JoinNow MultiOS, click on Add to Chrome.
  6. Click Add extension.
  7. Once installed, go back to the SecureW2 Setup browser tab.
  8. Click on Sign In
  9. A browser will appear and prompt for your AMDA Google or your Staff Azure log-in credentials.
    1. If you receive an Error 403, please see the Error 403 help page.
  10. Click on Download.
  11. Switch to the tab newly opened Networks in Chrome .
  12. Under Import ONC File, click Choose File and locate the SecureW2.onc file in your downloads folder.

  13. Find the wireless icon in the lower right corner of your task tray, choose Broadway.
  14. Connect to the click Connect on the window that appears.
  15. Your device should now be connected to Broadway wireless network.

If you are unable to connect please contact us at, please include your AMDA Email address, the location you are connecting from, device type, and any error messages you received.