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View Missing Documents

Missing Documents may be viewed in 2 places:

  • On the Student Portal Home Page
  • In the Student Portal Document Center
  1. Log into your Student Portal at
  2. On your Student Portal Home Page, there will be a tile that shows your Documents Due.
    • NOTE: If a document is clickable, it means there is a template or form to use to submit the document.
    • Screenshot of Document Center on Student Portal Homepage
  3. To view missing Documents by Program, use the left-side menu to navigate to My Documents, then click Document Center.
    • On mobile, use the menu icon in the top right.
    • Screenshot of the Student Portal Menu with Document Center selected.
  4. Click on the Program Dropdown to select a particular enrollment or select “All Programs” to see a comprehensive list of outstanding documents.
    • Screenshot of the Document Center in Student Portal.
  1. After logging into Student Portal, click on My Documents > Document Center in the left-hand menu.
  2. In the document center, you will see your list of outstanding documents.
  3. Where applicable, the “Click Here” link will take you to a downloadable PDF template with instructions or to a DocuSign form to complete. All other documents should be submitted to