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Accept Packaging/Payment Plan

  1. Log into your Student Portal at
  2. Use the left-side menu to navigate to My Financial Aid, then click Financial Aid Overview.
    • On mobile, use the menu icon in the top right.
  3. If your packaging is ready for review, there will be a dropdown with an Academic Year and a status of “In Process”.
    • If you have multiple enrollments, click the Review Award Details button for the correct enrollment to see the Financial Aid Offer.
    • Screenshot of the Financial Aid Overview area of Student Portal.
    • NOTE: If nothing is listed under Financial Aid Overview, please contact your Financial Aid or Admissions advisor.
  4. Review your Loans, Grants and Scholarships, and Payment Plans & Other Funding sections.
  5. If you have a payment plan, you will find that under Payment Plans & Other Funding. Expand the “Student/Cash Payment” area to see the scheduled dates and amounts for your payment plan.
  6. To Accept your Payment Plan, click the Accept button under the “Fund Status” column, and then click the Submit Funds button at the bottom of the page.
    • Screenshot of Payment Plan section of the Student Portal.

Make a Payment

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