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Reviewing Time & Room assignments in DCU

  1. Go to your portal at and click on Faculty Portal Homepage
  2. Sign in with your Faculty Portal Credentials.
  3. Select DC & ADD Resources on the Left Menu
  4. Select the data base you want to review or work on from the menu.
    • Voice Scheduling – Voice Faculty to assign students to their studio.
    • Current Scheduling – Semester that is currently being offered.
    • 4 Sem Scheduling – 4th Semester courses we are planning to offer the following term.
    • Future Term – Semester we are planning to offer the following term.
  5. After you select your data base from the menu, click on Click Here to launch the DCU
  6. Within the DCU click on Courses.
  7. From the Departments drop down menu, select the one you would like to review.
  8. On the far right, select Show: All from the dropdown menu.
  9. In order to view all details, Check Expanded View.
  10. Scroll to the column named Time to review class length and, if scheduled, the day and time the course will take place.
  11. Scroll to the column named Room to review where the class will take place: Building, Room type, and Room Number.
  12. If you wish to see the courses in Calendar mode, you can select the check box in the blue chart header.
    • You can also select a single course or multiple combination of courses within a department by checking one or several courses’ checkboxes
  13. Click on Show Timetable icon.
  14. You will be redirected to a new page where you will see a traditional calendar with all courses selected. You have the option of downloading this calendar by clicking Export to PDF.
  15. If you wish, you can go back to the department’s courses breakdown by clicking on “Course List: (Department Name)